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Special Programmes


Special Short Term Volunteering Program in South India

Join the 2 to 4 Week Special Program in South India and get a wonderful opportunity to Volunteer with Children at  an Orphanage or in a School Teaching Children or  with children infected with HIV/Aids and go on a 3 days 2 nights weekend trip organized by the local team.


Accommodation and food will be provided at the project during the weekdays / while not traveling.

- While traveling during weekends we will stop at good restaurants for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - participants have to buy / pay for their food

- Participants will have to pay for entry and camera fee where ever applicable


This program is especially suitable for volunteers who do not have time to commit for more than a month to volunteer abroad and to get a feel of real India -but would like to make some contribution and also travel on the weekends to some of the most spectacular places in South India.

Taking part in this Special Program in South India is a great way to make a valuable contribution to the society / disadvantaged children in the projects and also experience firsthand some of the most fascinating and beautiful parts of India.

During the 2 4 week period, volunteers are either allocated to work in Orphanage & School projects - Teaching/ Education projects where you will be spending time with children, doing teaching activities and also contribute in development activities such as painting and beautification work.


All volunteers need to arrive at Bangalore. Upon arrival volunteers are given orientation and also a tour to some major tourist attractions in the city. After completing the orientation and introduction about the project, you will be dropped at your project and you can start volunteering.


Special Programmes


Fee & weekend activity


Starts on 1st Monday of every month starting Feb 2013


2 weeks special program fee - 800usd + Airport pick-up 50usd

3 weeks special program fee - 1250usd + Airport pick-up 50usd

4 weeks special program fee - 1750usd + Airport pick-up 50usd

  • 1st weekend - Belur, Halebidu & Shravanabelagola & Chickamagalur

  • 2nd weekend - Mysore, Ooty & Coonoor

  • 3rd weekend - Hampi

all weekend activities is for 3days & 2 nights


for application: Click here

for details please write to us at breakingbarriers@ivtindia.org

If more than one person traveling on the weekend trip and if you are sharing accommodation 2 in a room you will be saving 50usd per person + 25usd on transportation



International Work Camps

3 weeks Work Camp Starting 3rd October, 2013


 Maximum no of participants in the group will be 15

October Camp:

Participation Fee 550usd + Registration Fee 150usd + Airport Pick-up & Drop 50usd per participant


Arrival on October 2nd or 3rd Morning October, 2013


On arrival 3rd October - Briefing and Bangalore Local Sightseeing or Relax and departure to camp site


4th to 24th October 2013

Introduction, Yoga, Language (Kannada - project area & Hindi if anyone wants & plans to travel after the camp), 

Activities with children, lecture on caste & religion, Indian philosophy, 

local project visits / sight seeing, Cultural Programme, etc.,


Activities while Working with children,

  • Teaching communication English (The participants design his/her own activity in consultation with coordinators, )

  • Creative Drawing, Painting (white paper and some paints, crayons will be provided by IVT-India - Participants can also bring some if you can)

  • Painting educational information for the smaller children in the kindergarten (material will be provided by IVT-India)

  • Creative games, music (participants have to bring their material)

  • Origami (paper Craft)

  • Making a library for the school (you can bring some old books, that can be added in the library)

Travel / Cultural Exposure, during week ends and at the end of stay:


1. Jog Falls

2. Bijapur, Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal or

3. Hampi

During the camp accommodation:

The classrooms will be converted into Bedrooms

Participants will be provided with Mattresses



Indian Breakfast, Lunch (Vegetarian) and Dinner (Vegetarian) includes fruits

Mid morning & Evening Coffee/Tea and snacks


This is only a outline of the one month programme, and there could be minor changes and addition of sessions like cultural programmes, lectures and travel, depending on the situation at the camp.


23rd October - Final Evaluation and farewell

24th October - Departures / programme ends.


Project / Camp Venue:

Vishwabharati Trust,

Sorab Taluk,  Anavatti 577 413, Shimoga District, Karnataka


On arrival:

All Participants on arrival:

1.  Will be picked-up from the Airport / Train or Bus station

2.  Orientation (Activities of the Camp)

3.  One day Bangalore Sight Seeing

4.  One Night Stay in Bangalore

5.  On the 2nd Day will be sent/taken to the camp site / project

6.  On arrival at camp site / project introduction and briefing with do's and don'ts




  • Sleeping Bag

  • Few T' Shirts

  • Peak Caps

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • A pair or two garden gloves

  • For an International food night, during the camp, in the participant's own interest, it is advisable to carry ingredients, that they feel is not available in India.

  • Carrying Information pertaining to the participant's country, such as a Map, National anthem, Some traditional native dress, games, any other details, photographs, small gifts which the participant feels to exchange or give with those they would be meeting for a better understanding of each other.

  • Medicine if any, as prescribed by personal physician / doctor.

  • Musical instruments if you play any (guitar, violin, flute, etc.,) Please don't carry your piano, drums etc.,

International Work Camp Application Click Here


Please feel free to contact us / write to us if you need any clarifications at breakingbarriers@ivtindia.org