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Short Term Programmes


On arrival:


1.  Will be picked-up from Train or Bus station (If you wish to be picked up from the Bengaluru International Airport an additional 50usd will be charged)

2.    Orientation of the Host Project and or Family

3.    Introduction to Bengaluru City

4.    One Night Stay in Bengaluru

5.    2nd Day you will be sent/taken to your project

6.    On arrival at project introduction and briefing with do's and don'ts


Short-term program -

The focus of IVT-India, is in the area of promoting intercultural education and cross culture learning through international volunteer work. The program has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the requirements of the participants of today. Thus, IVT-India is in a position to offer short-term programs for One, Two & Three months duration and up to Five / Six months.


Our programs would begin with a Orientation in Bengaluru, the headquarters of IVT-India. The purpose of the Introduction procedure is to introduce you to Indian Culture, lifestyle, food, regional language in the place/project you will be placed, other important information like do's and don'ts and any other information you require.


We will also give you practical inputs on how to get along during your stay in India and in your projects and hosting situations. 


After the orientation you will be placed in the project. All the projects chosen for the participants will be mostly in South India.  The duration of your stay in the project & the volunteer work you are involved in, will be for a period of 80% of your stay in India.


After this you can travel and explore other parts of India, to experience different lifestyles, art, culture, visit historical places, taste different Indian cuisine and get the feel of what real India has to offer you.


During your project work you can make short visits in consultation with your project and IVT-India during weekends and on official holidays...





Some of the projects that you could be involved in are as follows:

1.      Centre for Destitute Children /Orphanages.

2.      School for ordinary children from disadvantaged sections of the society.

3.      Home for the HIV infected Children & victims of commercial sex workers.

4.      Working with the Visually Impaired children /adults

5.      Centre for the mentally challenged children & adults.

6.      Working with the physically Challenged.

7.      Working with Spastics.

8.      Medicare & paramedical support. Centers

9.      Organic farming and sustainable development.


Note: You will also have the possibilities to pursue varied activities and interests like Yoga, Music, Dance, arts, English - Language enhancement, computers etc. The fees vary and the participant has to bear the expenses.



Age above 18yrs to 30yrs, However, we are flexible with the age limit depending on the participant.  The participant should be open minded, flexible, adaptable and should have a Non Judgmental attitude to situations. Basic knowledge of English will be an advantage.




Registration Fees: 150 US Dollars


Participation Fees:

Effective from 1st December 2011


(All fees in US Dollars)


1st week : US $ 180
Every additional week : US $ 100 per week


Internship Fee: US $150 per month + the programme participation fee

  • All participants will be provided with basic Food & Accommodation based on their project preference and the availability of the same is subject to that the project / host accepts your application.

  • Local conveyance will be borne by IVT-India in the event the participant does not reside in the project or has to travel by bus to reach the project or when invited for a seminar / conference / camp being organised by IVT-India or its network organisations.

  • IVT-India will provide regular mentoring support through contact persons / guardians as well as the office staff, these people are trained and have been long term Volunteers abroad themselves.

  • All volunteers will be awarded a certificate of participation at the end of their term.

The participation fees mentioned above does not include your international travel costs to India, Insurance, Medical expenses and expenses during your travel around India or other personal expenses.



A note on how your participation fee is being used


In today's world, there exists fierce competition between professional voluntary work, internship, and study abroad programmes.


IVT-India is a self-reliant, independent and a non-profit organization. We do not accept or receive funds from any religious, corporate, or government agencies and contributors. Therefore, we must charge our participants a reasonable fee in order to keep our program running effectively.

Our programmes solely relies on participation fees. With the fees volunteers pay to enroll in the programme, we are able to attain its goals, thus empowering local communities and allowing you interact and participate directly experiencing our Indian traditions. Ultimately,
IVT-India with the support of its network organizations, working at the grassroots are able to work towards cultural understandings - breaking all barriers.


Allocation of program fee

  • Advertising (Online and with different marketing organizations)

  • Salaries of national employees

  • Office space, utilities, and maintenance of national offices

  • Communication with local & International partners when volunteers are in the field

  • National travel to monitor projects

  • Indirect expenses such as accounting and legal fees, payroll taxes, computer equipments, program development and management, outreach, volunteer coordination, orientation for in country staffs, etc.

  • Telephone, Internet, fax, e-mail, and website maintenance.

  • Utilities

  • Local advertising and printing materials

  • Government taxes

  • Bank receiving charges

  • Daily field expenses including utilities, transportation, fuel costs, etc.

  • Program coordination with local, national, and international partners


A Part of you participation fee goes as School Fees to provide Education to Children who are good at studies and who cannot afford to study (covers school fee for one year, books, uniform, shoes), most of them being a girl child / on orphan / belonging to single parents with difficulties and also contributes / donates basic requirements to institutions / school / Orphanages depending on our programmes and participants with them.


Allocation of Language, culture, and In-country costs

  • Will be picked-up from the Train or Bus station and transferred to Youth hostel / host family/ host project transfer
  • Language and cultural classes
  • Food and accommodations
  • Training materials: books, paper, orientation package, trainer, etc.
  • 1-2 days Local sightseeing
  • Recreational activities
  • Village stay/host family
  • Cultural programs and additional activities
  • In-country transportation
  • All government taxes, bank charges, and entrance fees
  • Placement transfer, visits, and reception
  • Project support costs
  • Certificate of performance


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