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We visualize a world whose foundations are laid on greater understanding and serenity driven by a single binding thread, the thread of global unity and peace.

The way to bring this about is through volunteer work, work camps, adventure camps and widespread inter-cultural education. Our projects are designed to enable people to interact freely with other races and nationalities who may have different beliefs and customs, but who all gather together as our Cultural Ambassadors.

This sort of work allows people to live abroad and understand a foreign culture while becoming a part of it and gaining a deeper appreciation of its differences from the volunteer’s native culture. A feeling of fulfillment and deep satisfaction can also be derived through making meaningful and valuable contributions to those in need – reaching the un-reached.





We envision a global network of friends who can unite despite obvious differences. IVT-India tries to offer a rich Inter-cultural educational experience, coordinated at a practical level by our national office with a dedicated Executive Committee, co-workers and friends who provide the participants with the necessary orientation, training and support.

We have created and made available numerous programs to facilitate inter-cultural education, cross-cultural awareness and a commitment to peace and unity.

All our projects are founded on International Cultural Exchange, volunteer work and service as well as direct personal interactions. We extend a sincere welcome to people of all nationalities, religions, races and ethnic groups and a commitment that our work is aimed towards breaking barriers and creating unity.