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Important Note to IVT-India's Programme participants:


  • Work in orphanages

  • Work for kids (Street children and Others)

  • AIDS/HIV Projects

  • Women Development Groups

  • Work with mentally challenged

  • Work for visually impaired


The above mentioned projects are hosting situations. It means you need to be friendly, loving, caring & willing to contribute 80% to 90% of time doing volunteer work, whole heartedly. A minimum of 8 to 10 hrs work, with one day’s weekly off


Since it is a place with children and some are also rehabilitation centre you should not be smoking, drinking, coming late in the nights, etc., causing negative results and reactions, you got to be conscious and sensitive as these inmates intend to learn from you.   No changes in project will be entertained unless justified.


As far as living conditions are concerned, what should I expect during my stay in India?

If you are on the voluntary work program - one month to One year - with IVT-India, then you will be staying with a family or in the project on a sharing basis, and at times will be having a weekend family if staying in the project.


If on the 14day camp you will stay on a camp site, youth hostel or at the project site.


What should I remember to bring when I am participating on the volunteer work programme of IVT-India?

If you are joining 14days / 2 weeks camp

  • Waste pouch or neck pouch (to keep/carry your passport, money, and important papers) MUST

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Few T’ Shirts

  • Peak Caps

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • A pair or two garden gloves

  • For an International food night, during the camp, in the participant’s own interest, it is advisable to carry ingredients that you feel is not available in India.

  • Carrying Information pertaining to the participant’s country, such as a Map, National anthem, Some     traditional native dress, games, any other details, photographs, small gifts which the participant feels to exchange or give with those they would be meeting for a better understanding of each other.

  • Medicine if any, as prescribed by personal physician / doctor

  • Musical instruments if you play any (guitar, violin, flute, etc.,) Please don’t carry your piano, drums etc.,


If you are joining volunteers program (1 Month - 12 Months)

  • Waste pouch or neck pouch (to keep/carry your passport, money, and important papers) MUST

  • 5-6 pants. (Denim (jeans) or anything comfortable)

  • 5-8 T-shirts (preferably not too sexy for the girls, fully covered) avoid transparent clothing.

  • Sleeping bag

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • 1 pair of sandals (slippers)

  • 1 light pullover

  • Rain Coat or Umbrella

  • Underclothes (must)

  • Toiletries

  • 2 towels

  • Swimsuit (if planning to travel to Goa or swim)

  • Camera (+ some films) films are available and cheaper in India

  • Sun cream

  • Medicine if any, as prescribed by personal physician / doctor

  • Mosquito repellents (spray, cream, etc., the same is also available in India)



We advice you to avoid taking Malaria tablets, as they are not required in the projects you’ll be placed, just for your satisfaction and if advice by your doctor, just can take enough for 1 month and take it when you go traveling in forest areas.


As a fact apart your camera, sleeping bag, and trekking or sports shoes, all that you need is available at a low price in Bangalore.


Especially Girls don’t need to bring too much of clothes as the Indian dresses are the most appropriate and comfortable ones to live & work and integrate yourself in the local community (we suggest you to bring clothes enough for 2-3 weeks & not more as you would feel more comfortable wearing Indian dresses).


  • Some “Micropur” or other tablets to sterilize the water though you may not use it so often.

  • Carry information pertaining to your country, such as a Map, flag, National anthem, Some traditional native dress, games, any other details, photographs of your country/ photos of your family (to display/ explain to people or children you meet), small gifts which the participant feels to exchange or give to with those they would be meeting for a better understanding of each other.

  • Musical instruments if you play any (guitar, violin, flute, etc.,) Please don’t carry your piano, drums etc.,

  • Gifts for your host family (Bottle of wine, chocolates, specific cake/ biscuit/sweet of your country, little “souvenir”: kitsch, Indian people love it… gifts).

  • Recipes and ingredients, which are not available in India for the international food night or to cook at/for your host family.

  • Traveler checks, Credit/Debit card: (Visa, Master, Maestro cards are the bests) you can bring/carry Euros, you don’t have to change them to dollars (Euros are accepted in India and can be exchanged to Indian Rupees).

  • Some games / books about handicrafts or paper folding/colorful English books will help you if you have to work with children



Can I change my volunteer placement if I become dissatisfied?

Yes – IVT-India will consider the volunteer’s request for a change of project / location, only if the reasons are genuine and justified.


How will I get to headquarters from the airport?

All Participants on arrival:

  • Will be picked-up from the Airport / Train or Bus station in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India (If you wish to be picked up from the Bengaluru International Airport an additional 50usd will be charged)

  • Orientation of the Host Project and or Family

  • One Night Stay in Bangalore

  • On the 2nd Day will be sent/taken to the camp site / host project / host family

  • On arrival at camp site / project introduction and briefing with do's and don'ts


Will I have access to modern communications, such as e-mail, telephone, or post office?

YES, there are internet cafés, Telephone booths and post offices in every locality and around the project / host family where you will be living - (in some places you may not have access to internet).


You may/will not have an internet facility during the camps


What vaccinations will I need for my trip to South India?

Please consult your doctor as vaccinations vary with your personal health issues and also check with your local Indian embassy for the update information.


Where is my arrival destination, and how long will it take to get to my host site?

Bangalore international airport is your arrival destination. Depending up on your project location, it could take 1-14 hours to reach the project site from our office. But you will be living near to or in the project. You won’t commute every day from our office.


What should I do in case of an emergency in India?

You are advised to contact your Mentor / contact person immediately. You will get more information during the orientation.


Is there an orientation program?

YES – you will have an orientation based on your program with us… the number of days will depend on the number of participants.


Any restrictions of from IVT-India program:

YES – you are not expected to earn money in any manner, using of drugs & involvement in illegal activities – if found you will be arrested and deported, IVT-India or its coordinators will not be responsible in any manner in such case.